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District Report Cards

posted Oct 21, 2014, 2:25 PM by Unknown user
The annual district report cards are available for viewing. The report includes data about how we are performing as a district. These types of reports were mandated by the Oregon Department of Education and state legislature in 1999 to provide educators with an opportunity to communicate directly with parents and community about how the local schools are performing. In 2013, the state released a redesigned school and district report card. The redesign of this report will hopefully more accurately reflect student learning and growth, incorporate key measures of college and career readiness, align the report card with district achievement compacts, and make the reports more user friendly and accessible. 

To view our report cards, please visit this link. You will then need to select our school district and the reports are available from there. Highlights include 84.6% of high school students meeting or exceeding the state standards for mathematics, 87.5% of third graders meeting or exceeding the state standards for reading, 92.3% of high school students meeting or exceeding the state science standards, and 84.6% of fifth grade students also meeting or exceeding in science. Overall, our district is a Level 4 school, out of five. This means we fall between 44% and 90% of all schools in the state of Oregon. Again, please click the above link to view the report in its entirety. Enjoy!