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UPDATE AS OF 1/22 - 1:15 PM

posted Jan 22, 2020, 1:15 PM by Angela Gorham

Hello Everyone - We just want to first thank everyone for their continued support and understanding.  We know there are lots of concerns, rumors, and a lot of positive support.  I first want to let everyone know that our first priority is keeping our kids safe as we move forward.  Secondly, we want to provide an education for all of our students.  In saying that, the fire happened this past Thursday, so we are in day six post fire.  Within that time I have met with police, fire chiefs, fire inspectors, accountants, legal people, cleanup supervisors, etc.  Beyond that, we have met as a staff this past Friday and resumed yesterday.  We are doing are very best to create a plan that is efficient, safe, and provides our students with the best we can.  As a result:
  • 5-12 will remain on campus and will return beginning Jan. 27th.  The students will not be in the main building except the board room/staff room, but they will occupy the new CTE building, Ag shop and classrooms, the 5th/6th modular, the modular to the north of the gym, and the new gym.  
  • K-4 will occupy the ESD building.  Each grade will have its own room and we will have almost all of our educational assistants in the building as well.
  • Food - Each student will go to the Joseph Community Center for lunch whether they have cold lunch or hot lunch.  5th/6th grade will eat at normal time of 11:15, high school at 11:30, followed by the 3rd/4th, then K-2.  We have heard concerns about bussing kids from Enterprise to Joseph, but we can assure you that teachers will be on the bus with their classes there and back.  If they have a cold lunch, they will still go with their class to the Community Center to eat.  Breakfast will be provided at the school for 5th-12th graders and K-4th grade will have breakfast delivered as normal.
  • Bussing - We are working on logistics of bussing and we will update as soon as we can.  We will have lots of manpower at the ESD to assist with walkers, bus riders, or parent drop offs.  Stay tuned for an update on bussing.  You will be able to drop your K-4 children off at the ESD, please stay tuned for exact drop-off times.
Main building update - The fire inspection and investigation is not complete at this time. The insurance investigator is finishing up their reports and we will pass that information on as soon as it is available.

Cleanup - The office cleaning is complete and staff is in place.  The K-4 section of the building is being cleaned as we speak.  Currently we will resume classes in the K-4 part of the building on February 10th.  We will keep you posted if this timeline changes.  Once the K-4 is done, the cleaners will move to Ms. Strickland's room and Mrs. Mansfield rooms on the West side closest to the office in the 7-12th grade area.  Please let everyone know that the cafeteria is not in use yet and will be the next area to be cleaned after Ms. Strickland's and Mrs. Mansfield's rooms are complete.  We are not having basketball or wrestling practice in the cafeteria at this time.  Once the cafeteria is up and operating, food services will begin on campus.  We will not let anyone back into the building until the air is clean and the restoration complete.  The air will be tested and we will make sure that it is safe for students to return.