Chapter Adviser:
Chelcee Mansfield 

FFA Motto:
Learning to do
Doing to learn 
Earning to live
Living to serve

Chapter Officers:

President: Josey Wearin
Vice President: Camille Crenshaw
Secretary: Ellyse Tingelstad
Treasure: Austin Sykora
Reporter:Keith Batten 
Sentinel: Maggie Zacharias
Historian: Rylee Wilcox
Jr. Advisor: Brianna Micka 
Farm Manager: 

Greenhand Officers

President: Mary Thiel
Vice President: Molly Curry
Secretary: McKenzie Keffer
Treasure: Maggie Miller
Reporter: Katie Hoffman
Sentinel: Blade Suto

FFA Greenhand and Chapter officers of the Eastern Oregon FFA district are carefully and thoroughly selected to oversee and better their school’s agricultural programs. Getting an FFA office is a great leadership opportunity for developing self confidence and learning lifelong skills. Officers are expected to perform in their duties, strive as young individuals, practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities, and develop qualities of leadership. 
The AET Login
Students should be logging in and updating their SAE, FFA, and non-FFA activities as well as community service events. The website is theaet.com and their sign-in information will include: Chapter Number- OR0039, username- CMansfield (Capital letter of first name and last name and the rest of the last name).

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Feb 25, 2020, 1:44 PM