Dream Team Simulation

Congratulations! You are now the CEO of a professional sports team! 

As the Microsoft Office Sports Marketing Specialist you will assume the role of a professional sports team owner. As the owner, you will be required to create a professional sports team franchise that you would like to own and operate. For your dream team to achieve success in the pro-sports league, you will need to create a series of documents that will give your team a professional image.

By completing the projects in this simulation, you will fine-tune your office, creativity, and design skills and learn what it is like to promote a real product -- your own sports team !

The simulation is organized into five parts (called zones). Each zone contains a series of individual projects that you will complete to build your "dream team."

Zone PG - PreGame

Zone 1 - Word

Zone 2 - Excel

Zone 3 - Desktop Publishing

Zone 4 - PowerPoint