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18001 - Intro to Ag
Introduction to Agriculture courses survey a wide array of topics within the agricultural industry, exposing students to many and varied types of agricultural and livestock career opportunities and to those in related fields (such as natural resources). These courses serve to introduce students to the agricultural field, providing them an opportunity to identify an area for continued study or to determine that their interest lies elsewhere. They often focus on developing communication skills, business principles, and leadership skills.

18307 - Agricultural and Society
Agricultural and Society courses provide an overview of the importance of, impact on, and relationships between agricultural endeavors and society at large. These courses typically emphasize economic and environmental factors and impacts (such as urban and agricultural water use) and the influences of society on agricultural endeavors (including production, processing, and distribution). Current technological advances (such as genetic genetic engineering) may also be discussed.


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Intro to Ag
Animal Science
Agricultural Leadership
Agriculture and Society
Ag Mechanics



18101 - Animal Science
Animal Production/Science courses impact information about the care and management of domestic and farm animals. These courses may cover animal nutrition, health, behavior, selection, reproduction, anatomy and physiology, facilities, product processing, and marketing. Students may study a particular species (swine, cattle, horses, fowl, sheep, and so on), or they may learn how to care for and maintain livestock as a more inclusive study.


18401 - Ag Mechanics
Agricultural Mechanics/Equipment/Structures courses provide students with the skills and knowledge that are specifically applicable to the tools and equipment used in the agricultural industry. While learning to apply basic industrial knowledge and skills (engine mechanics, power systems, welding, and carpentry, among others), students may explore a broad range of topics, including the operation, mechanics, and care of farm tools and machines; the construction and repair of structures integral to farm operations; a study of electricity and power principles; and safety procedures.

Aviation Class

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18203 - Agricultural Leadership
Agriculture Leadership courses help students develop leadership skills with a focus on opportunities in the food, fiber, and natural resources industries. Topics may include but are not limited to human relationships and effective communications, decision-making, and building leadership skills. These courses may also incorporate a survey of the careers within the agricultural industry.



21053 - Emergent Technologies
Emerging Technology courses emphasizing exposure and understanding of new and emerging technologies . The range of technology issues varies widely but typically include fiber options, electronics, robotics, computer technology, communication, and transportation technologies.


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