Website Links



At School Only Websites 
Renaissance Place (only at school)   AR and STAR Testing
Easy CBM (only at school) Testing

Reading Websites
Starfall  Literacy Games & Math Games
Suessville Dr. Seuss Activities
Vowel Game-Phonics Game 
Alphabet Bears Put the bears in alphabetical order for the race!
Game Goo  Reading Skills Games

Math Websites
Starfall  Literacy & Math Games
Math Playground Math Games
Adding to Ten Keep the balls from hitting the 
floor by finding combinations of ten
Addition Grid Add as fast as you can to beat the grid

Miscellaneous Websites
PBS Kids  games, videos and fun information
BBC 1 Reading, Math, & Science Games
BBC 2 Reading, Math, & Science Games
Scholastic Book Orders Order online!
Follow the Directions Help Tina find the bugs!