1st Grade Art

  Tentative project schedule for 2012-2013



* what is a line- practice with string

* name the different lines and draw them

* string and lines-draw all the different lines each with a different color crayon, then add one piece of colored string to your favorite line or  to the one that corresponds to the color of the string


Shape-geometric & free form

* arrange pre cut shapes into pictures

* geometric world

* freeform world

* scratch paper-use oil pastels when learning the shapes, cover the entire paper with shapes, paint with black tempera


Color-primary, secondary, warm/cool

* color wheel

* primary colors- use only primary crayons to draw a picture, add a water color wash

* mix primary watercolors to create secondary colors

* secondary colors- use only secondary crayons to draw a picture, add a water color wash

* warm and cool colors project

* bleeding tissue landscapes


Form & Space

* difference between shape and form

* draw a still life- from above and from the side

* the rule of thirds- learn foreground, middle, and background

* play dough-team effort, from scratch

* clay pinch pots-kiln clay

* simple clay animals-kiln clay


Texture- visual and tactile

* crayon rubbings

* mystery bags

* draw textures

* fish

* texture collage-cut textured materials and combine



* wallpaper checkerboards

* clay/sponge/found object stamps

* beaded creation


Balance- formal

* faces- practice basic face proportions

* paper mask

* large oil pastel bugs



* grid paper drawings- repeat a simple shape in each grid square giving ONE emphasis

* magazine cut out- find an image from a magazine, cut, past on paper, draw a background

* practice different ways to achieve a focal point

* draw a group/herd/school-create a focal point



* what do you hear?-draw along to music

* loud & quiet places



* painted assemblage fish- arrange macaroni, buttons and beans, paint with one single color to unify

* class project