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Spanish II



This class is designed to continue to help students develop linguistic proficiency in Spanish.  It will prepare students to converse on a variety of topics which will be learned by repetition, analysis and study.  Students will be expected to practice pronunciation, grammar, and language structures. Students will develop accuracy while moving through a grammatically simple sentence phase to a grammatically complex paragraph phase. 


UNIT I –Spanish I Review

* Greetings
* Masculine and Feminine

* Articles
* Numbers and time

* Dates, months, seasons

* Common verbs

* Likes and dislikes (gustar)
* Activities
* Present tense

* What you want (querer)
* Present Progressive

* What you are able to do

UNIT II –Review People

* Describing people
* Families
* Feelings and descriptive words
* Indirect object pronouns

* Possessions (tener)
* The body & physical conditions

* Pointing out specific people and things
* Making comparisons, superlatives


UNIT III –Asking Questions

* Questions
* Stores
* Where you live
* Going and leaving places
* Where is it?

* Future and Conditional tenses


UNIT IV – Daily Routines
* Obligations/ Responsibilities
* A house

* Furniture and appliances

* Saying what you have to do


* Persuading
* Giving orders
* Negative commands

* Excuses

UNIT VI –The Past

* Preterit and Imperfect tenses

* What you used to do
* Describing habitual actions in the past
* Describing your childhood
* How you used to feel
* Why you couldn’t…


* To give advice
* Present Subjunctive tense

* Expressing opinions
* To make suggestions
* Expressing emotions
* Making recommendations

* To express hopes



* Expressing doubts

* Ask and give directions

* To tell where things are located

* To make speculations

* To Negotiate- the preposition por

* To express probability


UNIT IX –Global Review of I-VIII

* Exchanging the latest news

* Talking about where you went and what you did

* Telling when something happened

* Saying how you feel

* Describing places

* Saying when you are going to do something