In this class students plan, design and create the school annual.  They learn the basics of yearbook layout, design, photography and Adobe InDesign.  The class focuses on the fundamentals of digital photography, digital photo equipment, software imaging techniques, and how to use Adobe InDesign for digital photo editing.  In addition students also learn the basics of how to use the manual settings for several different and unique 35mm cameras.  Students also have the opportunity to learn the basics of printing a photo in the darkroom environment. 


* Digital Camera basics

* How to take a photograph

* The rule of thirds

* History of Photography

* Intro to darkroom- Black and White Photography

* Photograms

* Chemigrams

* Pinhole Cameras

* Manual Cameras, Multi lens camera, Polaroid & Fish Eye Lens

* Writing a Sponsor Letter

* Establishing  Sponsors within the communities

* Photoshop

* Learning how to manipulate images

* Adobe In Design

* Page layout techniques, design & optical weight

* Building spreads

* Text- the 5 w’s

* How to write a headline, a lead, a story & a caption

* Creating a book Theme

* Building a book ladder & assigning pages

* Yearbook Construction

* Yearbook Promo and Pre-sales

* Preparation for Yearbook publication