9th Grade Health

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1st Quarter Activities
 "Cells Are..."
To begin the "Body Systems" Unit students learned about cells. Students were placed in groups and asked to construct a cell, label the parts, and provide descriptions for the parts. Individually students were then asked to come up with a descriptive term or saying that finished the sentence, "Cells are...".

Conflict Resolution/Anti-Bully Posters
Earlier this year Joseph Charter School conducted various activities promoting and encouraging students to be anti-bully. As a part of this, the 9th grade Health class developed conflict resolution/anti-bully posters, presented them to their class, and hung them in the school hallways. A small in-class competition was then held and students voted on:
  • Most creative slogan
  • Most artistic 
  • Best presentation

2nd Quarter Activities
How much sugar?
During the Nutrition Unit students participated in an activity that allowed the students to see how much sugar is in nine different types of beverages. The activity required students to locate the amount of sugar from the nutrition label and find out how much is in the entire container. After finding the amount of sugar (in grams) the students divided the number by four, which gave how many teaspoons of sugar are in the drink. 
20 fl oz Mountain Dew: 77g= 19 t.= 6 T. and 1 t.
20 fl oz Pepsi: 69g=  17 t.= 5 T. and 2 t.
32 fl oz Blue Gatorde: 56g= 14 t.= 4 T. and 2 t.
12 fl oz Pepsi: 41g= 10 t.= 3 T. and 1 t.
4 fl oz Grape Juice: 19g= 6 t.= 2 T
8 fl oz Country Time Lemonade: 16g= 4 t.= 3 T. and 1 t.
4 fl oz Apple Juice: 13g= 3 t.= 1 T
4 fl oz Orange Juice: 12g= 4 t.= 1 T and 1 t.