Rabies Warning

Post date: Oct 25, 2017 2:34:34 AM

Parents and Teachers:

  1. A skunk has tested positive 10/23/17 for rabies in Wallowa County, confirmed by ODA, ODFW, and the Wallowa County Health Department.
    1. Parents should be aware of the public health concern of this situation and educate their children on wildlife safety.
  2. The rabies virus infects the central nervous system and is potentially fatal if not aggressively treated.
  3. All dogs, cats, and horses should be vaccinated against rabies. Any mammal that comes in contact with the saliva of a rabid animal is at risk of exposure.
  4. Vaccinations need to be kept up to date -- every three years for previously vaccinated animals. Check with your veterinarian to make sure your animals are up to date! The reason the U.S. has so few cases of rabies in domestic animals is because folks vaccinate their animals and keep them current! Let’s do our job, too!
  5. Any unvaccinated or out of date animal suspected of coming into contact with a confirmed rabid animal may be quarantined and may have to be euthanized.
  6. Call ODFW 541.426.3279 to report a dead skunk or skunk of concern on your property. Call ODFW if you have concern of other wild animals such as raccoons or bats acting odd or unexplainably dead.
  7. An animal does not have to act abnormal or erratic to test positive for rabies!


  1. If a wild animal such as a skunk or raccoon approaches you, leave the area! Do not try to pet or touch the animal.
  2. If you see a wild animal such as a skunk or raccoon acting odd (unafraid, moving in broad daylight in populated areas) tell an adult!

Source: Dr. Jereld Rice, DVM, Enterprise Animal Hospital, Inc.