Student Created Computer Club = Success!

Post date: Dec 14, 2012 4:41:28 AM

A computer club, the Wizard 101 Club, has gained quite a following at Joseph Charter School. Seventh grade student Garrett Wilcox is the creator of the club and has been greatly helped by teacher Mrs. Albee, who serves as the club adviser. Each Tuesday afternoon, at least 15-20 students meet in the computer lab after school to play fun internet based games. The club has been a hit with the Kindergarten through sixth grade crowd. A good number of junior high and high school students also enjoy the activity, and often serve as mentors or helpers to the younger gamers.

The club started out as a way for students to get together and play the computer game, Wizard 101, together. But, quickly students started showing each other additional fun games, and now the students enjoy playing any number of games. Because of the school firewall and security settings, the games are sure to be safe for all ages. The activity is something that most students look forward to all week, and it has also really helped to boost the confidence of the club's creator, Garrett. If you are ever on campus on a Tuesday afternoon, be sure to swing by the computer lab and check out the happenings at the Wizard 101 Club!

Club Creator: Garrett

Kids enjoying games!