Students roll up their sleeves!

Post date: Apr 15, 2013 8:36:00 PM

The students in Jim Hite’s 5th grade class and Lance Homan’s sixth grade class actively participated in a group fish dissection on April 3, 2013, with the help of Gretchen Sausen (biologist with the USFWS) and Amy Busch (educator with Wallowa Resources). Both the external and internal anatomy of the adult steelhead was explored by these developing biologists! The adult steelhead carcasses and permit were provided by the ODFW hatchery in Enterprise for the purpose of educating our youth.

This fish dissection activity is part of the Fish Eggs to Fry Program, where the students learn about the life cycle of salmon and steelhead and their habitat requirements. Some of the highlights of the dissection event included: blowing up the fish’s swim bladder with air, the dissection of the eye, whether a group had a female fish with eggs inside or a male with sperm (these fish were taken from the hatchery where the steelhead are ripe to be artificially spawned), and sometimes there were some interesting things found in the stomach of the fish, such as Styrofoam (not the best food source!). The kids certainly had a great time dissecting the fish, and are sure to never look at a fish the same way again!