Three CTE Programs Available to Students!

Post date: Sep 16, 2014 9:29:24 PM

You are probably wondering, "What is CTE?" Well, CTE stands for Career and Technical Education, and most often includes curricular areas that focus on career readiness, technical skill development, and overall life skills. At our school, we are able to offer three different CTE areas, which is fantastic for a small school like ours. Our CTE areas include Agriculture Education (Ag), Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS or Home Ec.), and we just gained state approval for a third program called Office Administration or Business.

So, how is a CTE course different from other courses and why is it important that we these have approved programs?

Career exploration and life skills planning form the foundation of CTE programs across the nation. All students can benefit from learning about the world of work and planning for their education or training accordingly. Our CTE courses vary from learning about welding, parenting, cooking, sewing, computer applications, entrepreneurship, wood working, 3D design, robotics, graphic arts, architecture, animal and plant science, and so many more topics. These classes integrate academics with technical skill development that will help to prepare students for their next step in life. Not only that, by having these programs approved by the state of Oregon, we are able to gain access to more state and federal funds to keep these programs going. Not only that, we can ensure that we are aligning to the state's goals and standards so that we are providing our students an education of the highest quality.

We are very excited to be able to offer these different programs to our students, as they gain valuable skills from each program. Want to learn even more about CTE? Contact any CTE teacher today - Marla Dotson, Toby Koehn, or Liza Butts.