FCCLA Points System

Joseph FCCLA

Points System 2017-2018

State Leadership Convention Delegates will be the 16 people who have the most points as of FEB. 3, 2015 and have a project in progress.

Pay dues by specified date. 5 points

Fundraisers* 1 point per item sold or 1 point per hour worked

*Must participate in the wreath fundraiser (sell at least 8 items or pay $50) and at least 1 other to be eligible for state convention.

OLI/Cluster 10 points

Tree of Giving Up to five points/ dollar

Night Meetings 5 points

(initiation, etc)

Service Projects 1 point/hr worked

Committee Work 5 points

Recite creed 5 points

*Recite creed by memory to Mrs. Dotson