Freshman English

May 6- June 7, 2013

I have gotten behind on keeping this site up to date! Between helping FCCLA students prepare for State and helping seniors prepare for their Senior Project Presentations, time has just slipped away from me.

The freshmen are currently studying Romeo and Juliet. When I first tell a class that they will be reading Shakespeare, the usual reaction is groans. But when I ask them if they have ever been in love, loved someone who didn't love them back, thought their parents were unreasonable, ever not told their parents the truth about something, or said words in anger that they didn't truly mean, they nearly all say "yes." That's when I explain that all of these things are in the play, and that they will identify with characters in it.

They will finish the play around the 21st of May. After that, they will being reading the contemporary novel The Outsiders,

which even the most reluctant of readers "gets into." The study of that novel helps them understand how important character development is in creative writing, among other things.