Senior English

The seniors this year are reading and writing about people; both good and bad, and how they deal with situations in their lives. At the beginning of each quarter, the students are given a syllabus which tells them what to read, how to respond to it, and when their assignments are due. Additionally, they use their Sr. English time as a study hall to work, especially, on Senior Project, Government, and Personal Finance. Those three classes are the most demanding the students have, and this gives them extra time to work on them WITH a teacher present to help.

Below are listed all assignments and due dates for 4th quarter.

4th Quarter Independent Senior English

Thus far this year, you have read many selections about all types of people, things they have gone through, and how they react to events in their lives. This last quarter, you are only going to be reading three things—excerpts from two books and an entire book. In each of the three, the characters find a sense of belonging, a sense of “home,” in places that we, perhaps, would not be able to.

As always, answer with as much detail as possible. Be sure you answer all parts of the questions. Remember, you may turn your work in one day late—meaning the day after it was due—for half credit, otherwise, it will not be accepted. 3 points will be taken off for each error in capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. PROOF!!!

The first thing I want you to read is an excerpt from the John McFee Reader. McFee is a journalist/essayist who writes about many different subjects. The selection of his that you are going to read is entitled “The Pine Barrens.” In it, he tells of going into a sparsely-populated area of New Jersey and talking to two men who live there. “The Pine Barrens” will, I think, be the selection with which several of you can identify the best.

Attached to this is a sheet of seven questions for you to answer over “The Pine Barrens.”

These answers are due on Monday, April 8. RETURN COPY OF ESSAY! I will then give you the papers you will need for The Mole People

Your second assignment is over several excerpts from the nonfiction book The Mole People. The sheet explaining what to do is also attached to this paper. Your work is due on Wednesday, April 17. RETURN COPY OF EXCERPTS!

On April 17 I will check out to you a copy of the novel Lord of the Flies. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this novel, it was written after WWII in response to what the author saw as the savagery of mankind. It is about a group of schoolboys who are being evacuated out of London by plane, in order to escape the bombs being dropped by the Germans. You will need to read Chapters 1-4, answer those questions, and turn them in to me on Monday, April 29. Chapter 5-8 questions are due on Monday, May 6. Chapter 9-12 questions are due on Monday, May 20. RETURN COPY OF NOVEL!