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Kindergarten 2018-2019

I just love my group of kinders this year!! We have so much fun and they truly love and care for each other and accept each others differences!!!! So blessed!!

Click on the link below for a really cute excerpt about Kindergarten:

"All I Really Need to Know... I Learned in Kindergarten!

-Robert Fulghum-



High School: Enterprise High School

Bachelor's Degree: 2010

Master's Degree: 2012

This is my 6th year of teaching here at Joseph Charter

School! Previously, I worked at Eastern Oregon University

in the Education Department as well as taught Special

Education Preschool in Payette, Idaho for two years.

This will be my 10th year in education.

In June 2012, I finished my Master's of Science in Education Degree from Eastern Oregon University!

A dream of mine since I was young! I am so blessed!

The 3 greatest things about living in Joseph are the people, the children & the view!

This is what we see everyday! Aren't we lucky!

------------------THE SHETLER FAMILY ------------------

I not only like to explore with my kids, but yours as well! We venture on many field trips throughout the year and learn many new things in and out of the classroom!



My family consists of my husband, Sterling, and our three children, Swade who is 6, and Scarlet who is 3, and Stella who is 8 months old! We enjoy spending time together on our ranch; feeding cattle, haying, and having fun down at the creek! I am so pleased with both my family, and my school family. What a very special occupation I have!!! Thank you for blessing me and trusting me with your child! We will have a great year! –Mrs. Shetler

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~ Click on the links below for some fun online games ~

Starfall is a great alphabet learning tool designed to help students with their phonics and reading skills while having a blast! Headphones are awesome for home use!

Greg Tang's Math site is a great place for those math STARS to go and learn quick addition and subtraction! It is fun once they get it, as they will compete against other students in the school and world!

This is another fun website for kindergartners to play games and learn while playing them!!!

Save the Whale!

Click down on the link below for some great home projects you can do with your kindergartner! :)


"Through on Thursday" is at 1:55-2:15 P.M. every Thursday for students

who meet/exceed academic and behavioral expectations!!

Those students who receive full THROUGH ON THURSDAY time will receive a snack and a 20 min educational video! Way to go kiddos!


First class of Kindergartners in 2011! So cute! Now they are 7th graders! Love them!

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Phone: (541) 432-7311 Office