2nd Grade Art

Tentative project schedule for 2012-2013


* what is a line

* name the lines and draw 20 lines

* fill in a line design

* scratch art bookmarks

Shape- geometric and free form

* cut out geometric shapes and arrange into pictures

* cut out free form shapes and arrange into pictures

* make scratch art- cover paper with oil pastel shapes and turn into scratch art

Form & Space

* difference between shape and form

* draw a still life- from above and from the side

* map school grounds

* landscape- practice breaking up picture space into foreground, midd ground and background

* Six space tricks

* clay pinch pots-kiln clay

* simple clay animals-kiln clay


* value scales

* tints and shades- draw white on black and then black on white

* achromatic drawing- use only black, white and grays

* draw shadows- study the way light makes shadows


* making colors- learn how to make secondary colors from primary with watercolors

* color wheel- study primary, secondary, warm/cool colors

* warm and cool colors- oil pastels with watercolor washes

*warm/cool color layered glued tissue

* bleeding tissue landscapes

Pattern, Rhythm & Movement

* beaded creation

* wire bracelets

* wallpaper creation

* motif-create a motif and make a pattern, use clay/sponge/found object stamps

* What do you hear?-draw along to music

* Draw loud and quiet places

Balance- formal

* faces- practice basic face proportions

* paper masks- use black paper and bright oil pastels, add glue for texture

*stuffed animals- draw and cut animal doubles out of paper and then stuff

Texture- visual and tactile

* crayon rubbings

* dragons

* sandpaper art-draw on sandpaper

* foil art- take sheets of aluminum foil and scrunch together to create animal shapes

*texture collage-cut textured materials and combine


* grid paper drawings- repeat a simple shape in each grid square giving ONE emphasis

* magazine cut out- find an image from a magazine, cut, past on paper, draw a background

* draw a group/herd/school-and give one part special emphasis

Harmony, Variety & Unity

* magazine collage

* gloved hand

* group Mona Lisa

* class quilt