Spanish I


This class is designed to help students develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish as well as building cultural sensitivity. Its overall goal is to introduce students to the language and life styles of Hispanic cultures. In this class students will perform a variety of language functions. They will be actively involved in meaningful exercises and activities that include listing, asking questions, describing, giving and following directions, narrating, expressing and defending opinions and hypothesizing.


* Points to better learn

* Useful phrases

* The Alphabet

* Numbers

* School vocabulary

* Masculine and Feminine

* Articles

* Time

* Classes and Schedules

* Days of the week

* Months & Seasons

UNIT II –Greetings and how to ask basic questions

* Subject Pronouns

* Hellos and Goodbyes

* Present Tense

* Ser and Estar

* Feelings and descriptive words

* What are you like?

* How to ask questions

UNIT III -Lets go shopping

* Colors

* Clothes

* Departments

* What are you going to buy, How much does it cost?

* Demonstrative pronouns and adjectives

UNIT IV - Activities

* Common verbs

* Likes and Dislikes

* Expressing frequency with adverbs

* Sports

* Weather


* Family

* Relatives

* Possessive Adjectives

* Age and Birthdays

* Using Adjectives to describe people

* Comparative sand Super relatives

* Professions

* What do you do with your family?

UNIT VI -The Community

* Stores

* Directions

* Traveling

* Affirmative commands

* Past Tense

* What did you do?


* Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

* What is it?

* Ordering and serving food

* Recipes

* Future tense

VIII- the Body

* Review physical characteristics

* The body

* Physical Conditions

* Visiting the Doctor

IX -Houses

* Rooms

* Activities that take place in the home

* Furniture and Appliances

* Making Comparisons -Superlatives

* Using Adjectives to point out things

* Saying what people are doing

X -Animals